Azure Arc Jumpstart

The Azure Arc Jumpstart is designed to provide a “zero to hero” experience so you can start working with Azure Arc right away!

The Jumpstart provides step-by-step guides for independent Azure Arc scenarios that incorporate as much automation as possible, detailed screenshots and code samples, and a rich and comprehensive experience while getting started with the Azure Arc platform.

Our goal is for you to have a working Azure Arc environment spun-up in no time so you can focus on the core values of the platform, regardless of where your infrastructure may be, either on-premises or in the cloud.


Our philosophy and core design principals

In the Jumpstart, we believe a document or a guide is not just that. It should represent an experience that is simply more than just a set of instructions. It should be a journey that is easy to follow, fun to do, and most importantly, it should be a journey that you can relate to and see yourself in it.


Jumpstart Scenarios

Ready to get going?! This website offers you detailed guides, automation, code samples, screenshots and everything you really need to get going with Azure Arc!

Hop over to the Jumpstart Scenarios section and enjoy the ride.

Disclaimer: The intention for the Azure Arc Jumpstart project is to focus on the core Azure Arc capabilities, deployment scenarios, use-cases, and ease of use. It does not focus on Azure best-practices or the other tech and OSS projects being leveraged in the scenarios and code. Jumpstart scenarios, ArcBox, HCIBox, and Agora are all intended for evaluation, training and demo purposes only and are not supported for production use cases.

Jumpstart Agora

Jumpstart Agora is a marketplace of various “cloud to edge” industry scenarios, designed to provide an automated end-to-end user experience. It provides a rich and comprehensive experience while getting started with a full-stack deployment, from the infrastructure layer all the way to the line of business applications and the operational and development process around them.


Jumpstart ArcBox

Have you ever wanted to have a complete Azure Arc environment with just one click? We’ve got you covered with ArcBox!

ArcBox is a dedicated sandbox environment for exploring all things Azure Arc, and the best part is that the only prerequisite is an Azure subscription. With a one-click deployment, you get a full Azure Arc lab packed with technology including Azure Arc-enabled Servers, Kubernetes, Data Services and much more. Check out ArcBox today and start exploring a comprehensive hybrid sandbox powered by Azure Arc.


Jumpstart HCIBox

Are you eager to try out Azure Stack HCI but you don’t have access to physical hardware? If so then HCIBox is the tool for you.

HCIBox is a dedicated Azure Stack HCI sandbox environment, and like ArcBox you only need an Azure subscription to get started. With a one-click deployment, you get a full Azure Stack HCI lab packed with technology including Azure Arc integration, Azure Kubernetes Service, Windows Admin Center and much more. Check out HCIBox today and start exploring a comprehensive hybrid sandbox powered by Azure Arc.


Jumpstart YouTube Channel

We know you are busy and sometimes all you need is just a good, short, solid recorded demo and we hope that here you will be able to find just that.

All the demos in the Azure Arc Jumpstart YouTube channel are “bite-size” versions of the Azure Arc Jumpstart written scenarios we have on our website so make sure to check those as well.


Oh, and one last thing before you go. Please consider subscribing to the channel so you will know when we have a new awesome demo for you!


Jumpstart Lightning

Jumpstart Lightning is the show where you get a chance to share with our team and the world your Azure Arc, Jumpstart contribution and Hybrid cloud awesome stories. Who knows?! You might find yourself on our YouTube channel!


  • Are you an awesome Azure Arc customer or a Microsoft partner that has an awesome story you would like to talk about?!
  • Ever contributed to the Jumpstart project and want to share it with the world?!
  • Do you have a unique Azure Arc demo and content to show-off?!

What are you waiting for?! Fill the submission form and if it’s snazzy enough, you will be hearing from us soon.

Community decks

Architecture diagrams and visualization are important so we wanted you to have our official Azure Arc overview library, the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) hybrid deployment options library deck, and the Azure Arc Jumpstart overview PowerPoint decks we use, just because you know, we care!


Azure Arc Overview

For customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure.

  • Organize and govern across environments - Get databases, Kubernetes clusters, and servers sprawling across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud environments under control by centrally organizing and governing from a single place.

  • Manage Kubernetes Apps at scale - Deploy and manage Kubernetes applications across environments using DevOps techniques. Ensure that applications are deployed and configured from source control consistently.

  • Run Azure services anywhere - Get automated patching, upgrades, security and scale on-demand across on-premises, edge and multi-cloud environments for your data estate.

Azure Arc Story Time

Contoso Global Manufacturing runs workloads on different hardware, across on-premises datacenters, and multiple public clouds, with Microsoft Azure being the primary cloud. They also support IoT workloads deployed on the edge. Workloads include very diverse services and are based on either virtual machines, managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services, and container-based applications.

As mentioned, Contoso’s R&D teams are well-invested in containerized workloads for their modernized applications. As a result, they are using Kubernetes as their container orchestration platform. Kubernetes is deployed both as self-managed Kubernetes clusters in their on-premises environments and managed Kubernetes deployments in the cloud.

As part of their cloud-native practices with Azure being the main hyper-scale cloud, Contoso’s operations teams are standardized and taking advantage of Azure Resource Manager (ARM) capabilities such as (but not limited to) tagging, Azure Monitoring for VMs and containers, logging and telemetry, policy and governance, Desired State Configuration (DSC), Update Management, Change Tracking, Inventory management, etc.

These practices and techniques are already well established for Azure-based workloads in use such as Azure VMs, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure SQL, and many more. In order to take advantage of these well-established practices, Contoso is using Azure Arc to extend the ARM APIs to project and manage their workloads deployed outside of Azure. Once onboarded, Azure Arc projects resources as first-class citizens in Azure which can then take advantage of the ARM capabilities mentioned above. In addition, they are able to guarantee Kubernetes deployments and app consistency through GitOps-based configuration for their Kubernetes clusters in Azure, other clouds and on-premises.

With Azure Arc, Contoso is able to project resources and register them into Azure Resource Manager independently of where they run, so they have a single control plane and can extend cloud-native operations and governance beyond Azure.


Want to be an Azure Arc “Jumpstarter”?

We would love to have you! We are always looking for community support so if you want to create your own Azure Arc Jumpstart scenario, hop over to the Jumpstart Scenario Writeup Guidelines page to learn how to create one.

Jumpstart Roadmap

Up-to-date roadmap for the Azure Arc Jumpstart scenarios can be found under the repository GitHub Project.